Two engines are custom built into 20ft or 40ft ISO containers with all relevant protection.These sets are electronically linked and are run in parallel with the ability to share the load equally.  Each engine is capable of taking the full load.  If any fault develops in one of the engines, it will automatically shut down while transferring its share of the load to the other engine.  This means there is no loss of power to the event even while the damaged engine is repaired.  Engines can also be taken on and off line to conserve fuel.

Our generators are used exclusively on stages and events.  They are not general plant as is the case with many sets available from plant hire companies.




Power Services ltd


We supply a wide range of our own efficient generators including road towable sets ranging from 14KVA single  upto 1800KVA ( that's 2x 900KVA load-sharing generators designed specifically for stage and event use. Each twinpack is delivered on either a 20 foot(single) or 40 foot (double) ISO skeletal trailer).

Generators -

Should higher power output be required, multiples of twinpacks can be connected in line to give 4 or 6 engines running in parallel.

Cable and Distribution

We have a wide range of custom made cable and distribution, our huge selection of equipment allows us to make our jobs run smoothly and as efficient as possible, from a 13A supply for a laptop upto multiple 400A supplies for a main stage production.


We cover all aspects of general site and emergency lighting from a single floodlight upto the installation of tens of thousands meters of festoon. we can also supply our own self powered portable lighting towers. Again they are not general plant as is the case with many sets available from plant hire companies.


With the ever increasing demand to supply US voltages we invested in a number of transformers to cater for this.

Products And Services

Diesel - Fuel Management

We cover all the aspects involved in Diesel and refuelling consisting of -

  • Ordering and Sourcing 

We have a great relationship with our fuel company who consistently deliver on time to all kinds of remote locations.



  • Handling and Transportation

We have a wide range of bowsers from small tanks to fit in the back of a small van or 4x4 pickup to full towable bowsers. This allows us to refuel the most remote hard to reach generators easily. All our staff are very well trained in handling diesel and equipped with professional spill kits in the unlikely event they are needed, Our drivers are qualified with an ADR licence which if needed allows them to transport large amounts of diesel safely.


  • Tanks and Storage

We supply long range tanks for generators ranging from 150 litres upto 1000 litres, this is becoming more and more important in the reduction of site traffic in recent adverse weather, allowing the sets to run for a much longer time period without the need of refuelling. We also have fuel tanks that can store upto 10,000 litres this allows us to reduce the number of deliveries to site which helps keep the transport charges of delivery down.



























At Buffalo we have built up a transport fleet to match all our needs in the event industry including-

  • A range of Vans
  • 4X4 site vehicles
  • Truck mounted Hi-ab flatbed, moffat forklift and adapted truck, eliminating the need for a site forklift reducing cost
  • Articulated trucks (meeting emission zone criteria)
  • A wide range of trailers and towable generators.


We have carefully invested in the unique fleet to reduce the ever increasing cost of outside transport.


  • Hundreds of meters of truck and pedestrian cable protection ramps and matting in various sizes
  • A wide range of electric and diesel heaters
  • Loadbanks
  • Lightning protection and earthing of structures
  • UV lighting for ticketing
  • Cooling fans



Over the years we have built up an incredibly experienced and professional work force, this is key in our unique industry. we have the best highly experienced labourers, engineers, electricians and drivers. 



Proven experience shows them able to -


  • To design, install and maintain generators and electrical systems for major tours, events and shows in a strict timeframe.
  • Design and construct electrical systems for large and technical temporary installations.

Laing Construction – Commonwealth Games

Shell – Wind Turbine installation on South Bank

  • Able to work in most sensitive areas for security and safety reasons

Downing Street

Buckingham Palace

Channel Tunnel Rail Link

  • Be aware of sensitivity and anonymity required for corporate and closed set events.

  • Get the job do professionally in all circumstances, year in year out.

Tel : 0191 513 1033  or  019 1417 3030